4 Ways To Rebrand Your Business Through Promotional Material

Nobody wants to become just part of the furniture at events. But if your brand begins to stagnate, customers may get fatigued. An organisation that regularly attends exhibitions or shows with the same stall, colours and marketing collateral will lose traffic. That’s why so many organisations routinely mix things up in order to attract new prospects.

Sometimes a business outgrows its current branding – their scale and service offering has developed to the point where it needs to be represented in a different way. However, it’s easy to understand why some are reluctant: rebranding is expensive.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to brand building on a budget! Using promotional materials at events, you can leave an impression on visitors without the cost of a full company image revamp.

1. Bring class to your catering

Food stall? We’ve got you covered. Our café barriers take your business from market stand to small business with easy-to-link posts and banner. Obviously, your food is your brand; the meal is what guests will remember, but luring them in is no small task! By choosing our café barriers, you can advertise your offering in a way that matches the excellence of your meals.

With no tools required for installation and available in either a chrome or black finish, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving that esteemed restaurant image your dishes deserve. As they can be fully printed upon, you can even add your menu to its display, making your product accessible, convenient and straightforward – all attributes you would like your brand to be associated with.

2. Show a lighter side

It can be hard to capture ‘fun’. Brands associated with childcare or sports often struggle to meet the demand of audience expectation. Event spaces that are splattered with bright colours can appear tacky, and so exhibitors are left in the dark when trying to appeal to enthusiastic prospects that are keen to be entertained.

While your event team can go a long way to creating a fun atmosphere, our inflatable light tubes are great for turning heads. Together, your branding and our unique brand beacon makes for curious attendees. By covering our light tube with your service offering, your team can demonstrate what else sets you apart from your surroundings.

3. Become a rainy-day solution

Nobody wants to talk business in the rain. The prospect of having to trudge around exhibitions, wet and cold with all the goodies you picked up getting damp, appeals to no one. On days like this, bring prospects to you by using a product that offers an immediate benefit: a parasol.

Lightweight and with no rust or paint flake, our parasols retain their fresh aesthetic all year round. Nothing says secure service like branding written on an umbrella in the rain. Its water and UV resistance with complete branding capability also means that your business will be seen as the ideal solution for prospective customers’ problems – without costing a fortune in design fees.

4. Add a touch of royalty

Some products have to be perceived as luxury items, high in value and priced to match. If you provide a service or sell a product where this is the case, then you need a stall that captures your worth. Cheaper businesses may escape the judgement, but you’re asking your audience not just to buy into your product, but also your brand.

Our Regal Instant Shelter leaves an impression your guests won’t soon forget. With scalloped canopy and curtains, your business looks fit for a king! If you want to change your branding to match an increase in price or quality, you’ll struggle to find a more functional yet stylish stand.

If you’re searching for a new image and haven’t the funds to create it, let Surf & Turf help. Our team are more than happy to guide you through your transformation and can suggest the best ways to brand on a budget.




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Align Your Brand Ahead Of Your Next Exhibition

There’s little more that’s detrimental to a brand than its assets pulling in different directions. If your company image is pieced together by several reworkings of logos and colours, you’ll appear outdated and lack credibility.

Your message has to be consistent in everything you do as a business. This can range from digital marketing to your stand at an exhibition. Visitors don’t just use branding to recognise who a business is, they also use it to make an assumption on the quality of its products and services.

In this article, we discuss the benefit of aligning your marketing ahead of events and exhibitions.

Give an impression of quality

If you want your service to be considered a luxury or to demonstrate a high-value product, your presence at the event needs to match. For example, a premium legal team will need to match their service costs with an appropriate exhibition display. In this case, our Regal Shelters would upgrade your image to one of royalty and leave an impression on visitors that implies wealth and success.

On the other hand, if the image that you want to get across is one of hard-working and matter-of-fact practicality, then you may wish to have a more fundamental display. Take our Superlite Shelter for instance, available in three colours and lightweight so you can take it to any event with ease. What’s most important here is that you’re matching perceived value with the actual cost of your service, so people engage with you at the event.

Don’t confuse audiences

Sales can also be damaged through the mixing and matching of event branding. All promotional material may be of good quality, but if it doesn’t present a coherent message then leads will be uncertain of who you are or what you offer. That isn’t to say you can’t promote multiple products at an exhibition – just ensure each one is assigned a dedicated space and that it ties back to the business thematically.

When exhibiting, sky banners are useful in displaying the core brand as it creates an entrance to the stand. They are also ideal for long-distance exposure and could draw in attendees who wouldn’t otherwise have been interested in visiting. Surrounding this, promotional roller banners can be placed, individually outlining specific services or products. This organised approach helps audiences identify who you are and what your benefits are.

Create a journey

The biggest successes at exhibitions and events are those who consider the journey that visitors take, how they experience the brand and the message they leave behind. Structuring your branding so you curate this experience is a great way of increasing event engagement. Teardrop banners can be positioned to welcome visitors into your stand and can detail elements of your brand as prospects approach your event team.

Printed using the latest in dye sublimation technology and with the ability to cover any size of table, you can mark the visitor’s final destination with our promotional printed table cloths. Now that you’ve attracted your target audience, keep reminding them throughout your conversation of why they’re talking to you and the benefit of using your business.

Hit the ground running this exhibition season by funnelling traffic to your stands. Surf & Turf have the tools to help you create customer journeys that deliver results. Don’t rely on simple attendance for sales – unify your marketing efforts to focus your brand and ensure event success. Get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk to find out how we can support you.

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Creating An Event Marketing Plan That Drives Sales

When it comes to events, you only get out what you put in. To achieve success, the necessary groundwork needs to be laid.

Many exhibitors make the mistake of assuming that they will gain leads just by attending. But events should be treated as one of your key marketing efforts of the year. After all, they allow you to physically interact with your target audience and really convey the value of your product or service.

However, there’s no guarantee that you will have success unless you demonstrate a clear benefit in them coming to your stand. In this article, we discuss the best strategies to include in an event marketing plan that’s tailored to driving sales.

Define your brand before the event

You first need to think of your exhibition stand like a shopfront. It may be the very first impression that an attendee gets of your organisation. Therefore, start by aligning your brand through all your marketing material. Flyers, pens and any other promotional goods should all be in your brand colours and working towards the same goal.

Remember that your logo and branding need to be clearly printed for all to see too. Check with your chosen print company that they have a variety of options so you’re not having to compromise.

Once you’ve decided on your image, filter that through into your stand presentation. An instant shelter is one of the most adaptable environments to host your business in. Take our Canopro Elite Instant Shelter, for example; it provides adaptable brand accommodation where your promotional team can base their operations for the duration of the event.

Remember to promote before and during

Posting pictures of your stand on your social media channels before the event ensures your followers prioritise your organisation as one to visit. But you can also benefit from including the event organisers and other companies in your posts too.

Should they retweet you or share your post, you’ll be exposed to their client bases too. This applies to the day of the event as well. Team ‘selfies’ and live-tweeting has a similar effect with partnerships and potential clients. By engaging with the event, you are likely to draw more engagement out of the attendees.

Pop up banners are perfect for this occasion. They can be easily transported and erected, and look visually stunning in pictures both indoors and outdoors.

Be memorable through giveaways and freebies

In a post-GDPR world, getting the contact details of a prospect can feel like an impossible task. Trying to identify how to communicate to potential leads is challenging and requires an obvious reward to lure them in. Simply offer a prize for attendees who provide business cards, or a demo of your services if they sign up to an email address raffle, and you’re away!

Promote your competition or giveaway in view of all guests so that you get maximum exposure. Utilise a poster board to reel traffic in; they are lightweight and can be viewed from both sides. More importantly though, they are easy to manoeuvre in exhibition situations.

Through handing out gifts that attendees can take home or back to the office, you are securing that initial impression that you achieved through your stand. Pens, stress balls and sweets are all usual suspects at exhibitions. Try and provide a range of unique takeaway items that have a much longer lifespan – like phone accessories, tote bags or reusable water bottles.

Whatever event or occasion you are looking to participate in, the right branding can perfectly resonate with your target audience to encourage sales. Take a look at our extensive range of event products for inspiration! Alternatively, contact our Surf & Turf specialists for guidance and product information.

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Grey Skies? How To Let The Light In At Inside Events

The clocks have gone back, but there’s no preventing the dark commute in the morning and the even darker commute back. Exhibitions at this time of year can be a drab affair, where garish warehouse lights are all you see every day. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Surf & Turf, we have a wide range of products that can illuminate the event space. Here’s just a selection of those that will draw crowds to your stand and cast a shadow over the competition.

LED rechargeable strip lighting

Our unobtrusive rechargeable LED strip lights can last up to 16 hours without charge, making it the perfect illumination tool. With no ultraviolet or infrared light harming your visitors’ eyes, you can easily hang this from the ceiling of your stand using built-in magnets and host prospects all day long.

The real benefit of this piece of kit is that it doesn’t rely on a power outlet. More often than not, exhibitions and events will charge for power accessibility. With our rechargeable strip lighting, you will save hundreds annually in exhibiting costs and your brand will be emblazoned in the minds of all who interact with you.

3-way LED mains lighting

If you’re battling the gloomy weather and you need some firepower to reel in your audience, then our high quality 3-way LED mains lighting is second to none. With its low-usage adjustable lights, this tool unveils your event setup like no other.

Equipped with a clamp that is designed to easily attach to the centre pole of any of our Instant Shelters, this product provides a 120-degree lighting source. You will need to request access to the mains, but it is a guaranteed avenue to brand recognition.

Brightly coloured printing

To truly compliment your light fixtures, you need a colour scheme worth focusing on. We not only supply shelters, banners and accessories, but our in-house graphic designers can also print your branding on them to your exact specifications. All aspects of the shelter can be printed upon, inside and out. And, if you need new artwork, we have the expertise to help create that for you.

Our three main categories of printing are:

Thermo press printing – We print and cut vinyl and then heat-press it onto pre-stitched canopies. This is the most cost-effective and timely method of printing, and is ideal for text and logos.

Dye-sublimation – The material is printed on prior to stitching using the latest in dye-sublimation technology. There is no limitation to colour or branding with this method, so if you really want to set your stall alight then this is the option for you.

Traditional screen printing – This is the best choice for cost-effective large orders, due to the low print cost but high set-up fee.

With our products, you’ll be remembered as the beacon of your industry after any indoor event. Get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk to find out how we can support you.

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The Benefits Of Creating A Strong Brand For Your Event

When attending an exhibition or event, you want to stand out. Between visitors and other exhibitors, there are plenty of opportunities for brand exposure. However, without strong branding your chances of footfall will be restricted, and you won’t get the return that you’re after.

With that being said, here are the biggest benefits in developing your brand for events.

Repeat visitors through recognition

If you attend the same exhibition annually, or if there is any crossover in the audiences of the exhibitions that you do attend, then recognition is huge in attracting visitors to your stall. Achieving familiarity with your target market is key to repeat business. And what better way to acquire that traffic than through instant shelters?

Whether in the rain or inside an exhibition hall, when it comes to events, instant shelters visually set you apart from the competition. Alternatively, set your stall in an inflatable expo dome which is guaranteed to turn a few heads! When used in combination with a number of roller banners, you’ll give that much bolder an impression of your brand’s position within the market.

Differentiating your organisation from the exhibitors around you by presenting your brand as something unique offers familiarity that you can use. It provides an introduction when you call attendees you’ve spoken with on the day, to remind them of who you are.

A coordinated marketing approach

Consistency is the next step in getting the most out of your brand at events. It’s all well and good investing in a variety of promotional material, but in order to be effective, they should all be working towards the same goal.

At Surf & Turf, we have a wide array of branding options that can be tailored to your current marketing. For instance, if you’re interested in displaying a shop front banner, consider also how your booklets are branded or if the table cover is using the same strapline.

The major benefit of a uniform approach to your branding is that there won’t be any confusion as to what you’re trying to say. If you’re promoting a new product or service, event branding can relay a very clear message, making you much more likely to be successful in converting your visitors into sales.

Improved credibility through presentation

There’s a lot to be said for good presentation. If your organisation is in the professional services sector, for example, branding alone might be what sets you apart from the competition. When presented with two businesses offering similar services at a similar rate, people will base their decision on a perceived value.

By using bespoke, high quality promotional material, your organisation is much better positioned to be recognised as the reputable brand that it is – and increasingly likely to get traffic and engagement at events.

Exhibiting should be seen as a chance to shine, regardless of the weather! Surf & Turf have an extensive product list that bears all industries in mind. We also have the necessary experience to extract your brand values and put them out into the open. If you’re interested in speaking to one of our Surf & Turf specialists, please get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk.

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How To Prepare Your Event Kit For Storm Season

There’s nothing worse than the weather report warning that a storm is on its way, just before you head off to set up for your event. It seems there’s no avoiding them suddenly occurring when we least expect (or want!) them to – even the summer of 2018 couldn’t escape Storm Hector.


No event month is safe from these extreme weather conditions. So, it’s best to ensure your kit is prepared for every eventuality.
Pick products with multi-functionality

Events that are traditionally held outside are often taken under cover due to destructive gales and brutal rain. The event kit you choose will need to suit both locations, just in case.

Check the features of the products. Inflatables work well both indoors and outdoors, as do flags. Whilst parasols are fantastic for maximising your organisation’s impact, they may look a little bizarre when up inside. But perhaps that suits your brand’s fun personality!


Keep kit protected in transit

Even if you’re not exhibiting at outdoor autumn events, like markets, your products can still be at risk of damage. Simply transporting them from a vehicle to an indoor location can expose your kit to the elements.

This risk can be minimised, thankfully. Shelter cover bags can be used to protect the frame and canopy from adverse weather. In addition, during off season, they are great for ensuring your instant shelter doesn’t get damaged whilst in storage.


Shield yourself as much as possible

If your outdoor event hasn’t been cancelled, it’s time to think carefully about what you’ll need to exhibit. Your kit should incorporate items that shelter you and any attendees from the rain or wind.

There’s a range of instant shelters available that don’t just provide cover, but are waterproof too. The Canopro Lite even has an extending rain canopy, offering additional protection if required. Our shelters are also constructed from aluminium, so they will prove strong in the face of any winds.

Add accessories for extra armour

To have complete peace of mind that your event setup will stay stable even when the wind is attempting to blow it over, invest in accessories. Stackable weights keep your instant shelter pinned in place, and banners can be secured with ground bars.

Substantial rainfall doesn’t pose a threat either with the right accessories in place. Heavy-duty gutters are fantastic for minimising the risk of leaks between multiple shelters.

Patch-up products with a repair kit

Unfortunately, there are situations where the UK weather is so severe that it gets the better of event kit. But luckily, there are products available that can get your setup back to its best.

Surf & Turf’s repair kit comes with a hammer, combination spanner and allen key with cross point screw driver. So, if the wind causes an instant shelter to topple over, or harm to an inflatable, it can be swiftly fixed.

With these specific items in your arsenal, your event kit will be readily prepared for any storm season. Our products are long-lasting too, meaning you’re covered year after year.

To learn more about Surf & Turf’s storm-combatting kit, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk.

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5 Tips For Getting Great Shots Of Your Event Setup

Sharing photographs of your event setup is certain to maximise your exposure and generate engagement with your brand. Pictures are a great marketing tool to use on your social media, website, press releases or printed brochures, but taking them can be difficult – particularly in the sunnier weather.

Here, we share our five tips for making sure the shots you catch are worthy of sharing.

1. Snap at specific times

The higher the sun is in the sky, the more powerful its rays are on the ground. This is also when it’s at its hottest, which can have an effect on guests’ behaviours if you want to capture your setup in use.
You can try avoiding the bright beams by taking your photographs at certain times during the day. Midday is the sun’s peak time, and often it’s shining away until the late afternoon. So it’s best to snap your setup in the morning and perhaps try again later when the sun’s a little lower to avoid harsh lighting.

2. Fill with flash

Direct sunlight can often cause any people or objects in a picture to look under-exposed in comparison to the brightness of the sun. This can be easily combatted with a ‘fill flash’.

It’s great at lighting up anything that’s not been hit by the sun’s rays. Just be sure to check each photo after you have taken them to ensure no one has their eyes closed!

3. Side-step shadows

A major disadvantage of the sun is the shadows it produces. A photo of your shelter from outside, for example, may not show off the contents inside, or your own shadow may be visible at the bottom of the frame. If you can’t avoid the sun altogether, then you’ll need to find a way around the shadow issue.
One method is to take your shots at specific angles. Prior to setting up your kit, try placing props in different positions and see which angle is the best.

4. Don’t forget filters

There are certain camera filters available that are fantastic for lessening the effects of direct sunlight, like polarising and neutral-density filters.
These reduce the light entering the camera, meaning you can use shutter speeds and apertures that are slower and smaller. If your camera doesn’t allow for the use of filters, you can always use software such as Photoshop to adjust your photographs’ brightness, contrast and white balance levels.

5. Succeed with your own shade

Whilst these tips will help you reduce the impact of the sun, the best way to avoid its effects is by blocking it out altogether. You can do this with a reflector, or use a parasol to create your own shaded area.
Thanks to the large surface areas of Surf & Turf’s parasols, you can take shots without any bother – the position of the sun won’t matter, and there’ll be no need for expensive cameras or any post-production work. They also have the added advantage of providing a space for your guests where they can enjoy the weather in comfort during your event.

Parasols can be custom branded too, so you can extend your exposure even further. To find out more about the options available to suit your brand, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk.

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Sponsoring An Event? 5 Tips To Maximise Exposure

Sponsoring an event brings a level of exposure to a large audience that needs to be made the most of. You’ll want a return on your sponsorship investment, and you can ensure maximum impact by selecting specific branded event kit that’ll stand out amongst the event’s activities.
Here are five essentials that are certain to boost your exposure.
1. Signal people towards your brand
A bit of movement in the breeze is a great way to attract attention. Flags are significantly eye-catching when in motion, making them ideal. Available in three different sizes, both customised feather flags and teardrop banners will stand a head above the rest. If you want to ensure your brand can be seen from far distances, then a giant 5m outdoor flag is the choice for you.


Each of our flag options can be used both indoors and outdoors. So, no matter the weather on the day of the event, your branded flag will be there to see regardless.
2. Protect attendees effectively
Whether it’s the sun blasting its rays into people’s eyes, or raindrops showering over those who forgot to bring any waterproofs, these experiences can ruin an event. This is the perfect opportunity to swoop in and shelter guests with parasols.


People will remember your brand as the one that kept them shielded from these negative situations. With an easy-to-open rope and pulley system as well as built-in water and UV resistance, there’s no doubt the parasols will provide speedy and adequate protection when sudden adverse weather hits.
3. Pop up your brand
Banners’ substantial size and available printing area makes them fantastic for maximising exposure. There’s also a variety of different types available, so you can choose the one to suit your brand. PVC banners will make you unmissable, whilst sky banners will keep your organisation up high for all to see when paired with a shelter.

Aero-Tex banners are fantastic for mass advertising, and roller banners will ensure guests are swayed by your brand, providing a little more room for information on your products and services or values. Promotional pop up banners will boost your impact whether indoors or outdoors, and can also be quickly erected.

4. Direct attendees towards you

There’ll need to be some sort of seating at the event, and you can keep firmly in people’s minds by offering them some much-needed rest after rushing around on their feet. Directors chairs are perfect for this, providing back support to ensure the comfort of the guests.
Anyone who relaxes in them is likely to not forget you, with the option to add your logo or any text. Surf & Turf’s directors chairs are up to 20% larger and taller than the standard, meaning your branding will be uplifted.

5. Get coverage in the right places

A key part of any event is refreshments. Often, guests are waiting in line for a long period of time. They’ll need something to look at, and the refreshments’ table cover will provide more than ample space for your brand to be seen at all points in the queue.

Counter covers can also be used for registration stands. Using your branding on these will guarantee that your business will be the first thing guests will see on arrival.

With these essentials in your event sponsorship kit, you’re certain to maximise exposure and bring a return on investment. To discover more about these products and the branding options available, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk.

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Blow Up Your Brand This Summer With Inflatables

With such a vast range of event kit options to boost exposure for your brand, it’s difficult to determine what’ll be most effective for your organisation. A traditional instant shelter is certain to draw crowds, but have you considered the influence of inflatables?

They’ve proven successful time and time again at blowing up a brand’s awareness in spectacular fashion. We’ve put together just some of the ways that they’ll prove beneficial when it comes to inflating your business’ impact this summer.

Add an element of fun to an event

When you think of inflatables, your mind automatically goes to bouncy castles and balloons, both of which are associated with summertime events and celebrations. Attendees will notice your brand as the one that’s bringing the fun in the sunshine, meaning there’s no chance of it being forgotten. If you want to liven it up even more, illuminate the entire exhibition with an inflatable light tube – perfect for producing a lively atmosphere and promoting your brand long into the summer evening.
Attract attendees to your stand

Quite simply, inflatables stand out – so people naturally gravitate towards them. Your presence at the event will be maximised, with your brand staying firmly in their minds long afterwards. And no one will have trouble navigating their way to you – the inflatables will quite literally put your brand a head above the rest. You can even use inflatable arches to guide attendees to the entrance of your stand.

Show off your branding

Opt for customised branding to make the most of the attention-seeking inflatables, whether you require simple printing or full flood photographic sublimation. Your organisation will catch the eyes of all passers-by, broadcasting its messages to the masses. If your organisation needs to regularly switch branding or messaging, the interchangeable printed door panels of the inflatable spider dome make it an ideal choice for different campaigns or brands.

Defence against all weathers

You’ll be shielded come rain or shine. Our inflatable awning is waterproof, or you can use the GYBE inflatable star tent, which is not only a great structure to keep sheltered under, but also incredibly eye-catching. If you’re worried about heat causing inflatables to over expand, all our sealed domes have inflation pressure release valves for additional protection.

Strength in all situations

Inflatables may be a lightweight solution, but this won’t cause wind to be a worry. The strong GYBE inflatable tents are made from rip-stop Dacron material, and the inflatable arches come with tie downs and sand weights to keep it steady. And if you’ve got a weekend event, choose an inflatable to last the test of time – the spider dome seals air for up to two days so you won’t need to reinflate.

Whichever inflatable you opt for, using them at your event is sure to blow up your brand in no time. To find out more about the items that’ll amplify your impact, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk.

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How To Bootstrap Your Event Marketing Plan

When looking at the budget for your event marketing plan, it may be tempting to simply cut down on costs by dropping certain types of promotion altogether. However, a reduction in marketing can negatively impact the success of your event.

Instead of going down this route, you can lessen the costs in other ways. We’ve put together money-saving advice that’ll bootstrap your event marketing plan for the better.

Negotiate before purchasing
Discover better prices for your products by shopping around. Suppliers you’ve used previously may not be offering you the greatest value for money, so ask for quotes from a few different vendors. Ensure you’re aware of precisely what they’re providing – is custom branding included in the price of your parasol, for example, or will it cost extra?

It’s also a good idea to negotiate before the business’ bank card has left your hand; even small discounts from each supplier could result in significant savings as a whole.

Buy items rather than hiring

If this isn’t the only event you’ll be attending in the near future, it may be more cost-effective to purchase exhibition kit instead of hiring it. If you opt for custom printing, ensure a rebrand, or a change in crucial details such as website address, won’t be happening anytime soon.

Although buying products may cause you to go outside your budget in the short term, spreading the costs over multiple events will allow you to cut costs majorly in the long run.
Purchase package deals and in bulk

It may be that you’re purchasing several items from the same supplier, and so buying in bulk or a package deal may be cheaper. Or perhaps the event organiser could be working with their own suppliers to offer deals that could reduce your costs substantially.

These deals often offer a diverse range of items for your event kits – Surf & Turf has various packages available that include not only instant shelters, but other equipment such as sidewalls and flags. Packages like these provide you with all the necessary promotional tools at a discounted price.
Get interest-free credit

For startups in particular, purchasing items rather than hiring or buying in bulk can affect a business’ short-term cash flow. Instead of thinking ‘we can’t afford this’, you could buy items on credit. Ideally this would be interest-free, reducing the risk of costs ballooning in the future.
Surf & Turf offer interest-free credit on all our event kit, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of promotional products without worrying about unaffordable repayments. [More details]

With Surf & Turf, you can bootstrap your event marketing plan without compromising on the necessities. To find out more about our interest-free credit or available package deals, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email info@surfturf.co.uk.

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